24: Introduce yourself to our readers online and around the world that may not be familiar with you yet
What’s up everyone? This ya boy Yung Trap reppin’ the 305, Dade county to be exact!

24: I’m aware your background is of Haitian Decent. Do you think you being Haitian has impacted you in your music career in any way, shape, or form?
In some ways most definitely.  I’ve always been a strong believer in hard work! The harder you work the more you get out of what u put in and let’s just say I’m working!

24: How long have you been recording and apart of the music business
I started recording about 3 years ago now but I’ve been in the business for about 4 years. The first year it was more of a learning process now I’m a bit seasoned and ready for my time.

24: Tell me a bit about Your new EP “All In” which is set to be released later this year
This project is going to be simply one word; Phenomenal. It will be hosted by someone who has put in a lot of work for Miami and is well known but I can’t give all that out yet. Stay tuned.

24: Who are some of the producers and artists you have worked with on this project?
I have worked with producers such as Anom The Super Producer and Mark Midas, upcoming talented producers who have their own sounds. I also worked with Eddie B. and as far as artist goes I worked with R&B singer-songwriter Rolls Royce, Anom and Homie G.

24: I’m aware you were the only Rapper on last years “Jazz In the Gardens” concert which was headlined by names like Mary J Blidge,Robin Thicke, and Boys 2 Men. How did it feel first of all to be sharing the stage with acts like the ones i just mentioned and how did it feel being the only rapper to perform at this highly publicized event.
I have to give credit to the very talented Jo-V. She made it possible. I look up to all those artist so to be on the same stage with them was a great feeling! I have also opened up for T-Pain, DJ Khaled, and Noreaga presented me on stage at one of my performances and I haven’t even released a CD yet, so yeah, I put in work!
24: Besides being an artist’s I’m aware you are a part of Guerrilla Tek’s team (Drum Majors) as a songwriter. Tell me a bit about how it feels to be working with one of Miami’s top producers and touch on if you could how that situation all came about.
2 years ago I met Gorilla Tek at a seminar and he heard my music and he told me to get it mixed and mastered and to work on a couple things. 2 years later, were sending out Placement Tracks together so I guess that means something. Tek is a great person and has taught me a lot! Drum Majors! But I’m still an unsigned artist so labels holla while you can.
24: Being from Miami an being up incoming artist’s from there how do you feel about the current state of hip hop coming out of Florida and where do you see yourself fitting in the equation.
“Some” artists think their bigger than they are. I’m willing with anyone who has good intentions and good music and willing to work. Last but not least, dedicated. Let me know and I’m there! Just stating the facts. Take it how you want

24- Before we conclude this Next In Line please tell your already fans and our readers online where they can hear more of your music how they can go about booking you and stay on top of everything Yung Trap!
Follow Me On Twitter!!!! @yungtrap305     
If You Want To Book Me Email Me At Yungtrap305@gmail.com Or At Anom08@gmail.com
My Website Is Going To Be Redesigned Soon But I Have A Couple songs here www.yungtrap.com also they can hit me on facebook!