Looks like Beanie Sigel has had enough with this rap “beef”! He took to Instagram to lay it all out on the table about how he felt about everything and everyone involved.

  • Beans says he isn’t choosing sides in the matter.
  • He thinks the whole situation is “gay”
  • Meek shouldn’t care that Drake doesn’t write his raps because people are still going to play his music.
  • He feels like this situation is going beyond the rap world. He also says that someone may die over this stuff, and it wont be any of the rappers we mentioned, it will be someone in the entourage trying to be loyal to a situation that’s not loyal to them.
  • He also gives advice to both Ar-ab and Meek, and also letting Meek know he should get those “yes” men from around him and closes with saying he is for his city!

You can’t deny Beanz is making some valid points here, you can check out the whole post below…

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