“CEO of Gifted & Talented, LLC and Upcoming Artist JP ONE is marked as one of the hottest Elites in Hip-Hop today. JP ONE returns with the second installment of his Fire & Brimstone Trilogy. The first installment of the Fire & Brimstone trilogy was released March 9th and featured hit song “City Under Seige”. “Fire & Brimstone II” ups the ante and features some of the greatest talents from Detroit, including Elzhi, Black Milk (who also lends a hand on the production side), Guilty Simpson, Jovie, Pierre Anthony, Chel Strong, 3D, and LaToyua Hart. In just four years after releasing from a 9-year sentence in Jail, JP ONE has been labeled as one of the hottest Detroit Lyricists. From beginning track “Encore” to ending track “Hope Dreams” featuring LaToyua Hart, there’s no lapse or slack in effort or execution.” “Fire & Brimstone II” is the best work yet of the Hip-Hop Artist, but definitely not to be measured to JP ONE’s future projects.”