Alabama rapper Yelawolf adds a layer to the (questionable?) ongoing beef between Detroit mogul, Eminem, and Bad Boy rapper, Machine Gun Kelly.

After Em dissed MGK on his latest album, “Kamikaze“, the Texas rapper responded with “Rap Devil“, gathering over 100 million views on YouTube, only to be readdressed (and seemingly ended) by the Fire Marshall on “Killshot“.

Some notable verses include MGK asking Em not to take his verse off of Yelawolf’s album, “Trunk Muzik 3”, and Marshall letting Kelly know he doesn’t take food out of anyone’s mouth.
It seems Slim held up his end of the bargain with the Slumerican’s latest release.

Yelawolf had tweeted about the collab with MGK a while ago, and followed up on his promise with his “Bloody Sunday” freestyle diss, where he let the fans know they would see how he really felt about MGK.The track “Rowdy” was the culmination of the MGK v Shady Records feud, becoming the most speculated track on the album.