DJ Vlad is perhaps the most prolific hip hop interviewer of all time. A lot of people have negative things to say about him but I’m a huge fan and I probably watch a few hours worth of his content every week without even trying. I got him in the studio to talk about how he got started, how he feels about the haters, how he keeps his machine running and much more. Enjoy!

0:30 Nip interview

2:14 growing up

2:55 getting into hiphop early

5:07 source and xxl

7:20 getting into rap media

14:20 interview style

20:34 asking hard hitting questions

23:13 evasive people

24:25 people walking out of interviews

29:51 first Tim going viral

31:29 art of interviewing

33:53 da baby interview

36:00 casanova interview

37:13 negative feedback

45:10 reaching out to bigger artists for interview

46:10 picking guests

51:21 interviewing Kanye

52:40 vison for vlad tv

54:40 interviewing younger kids

1:00:53 old heads

1:01:53 life style changes

1:07:00 vacations

1:10:49 future of Vlad tv

1:18:35 dream interviews



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