Singer/Reality star and wife of T.I went on the Wendy Williams show to promote the new season of T.I And Tiny : The Family Hustle and relieved a few things about plastic surgery, and her martial issues. Tameka “Tiny” Harris  seemed very open and ready for Wendy's questions, look below:


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Tiny On The Wendy Williams Show:


Wendy: Is that booty a natural booty or a bought booty?

Tiny: It’s a little bought [laughs].

Wendy: Thank you for being honest! Now, your boobs. Are those your natural boobs or bought boobs?

Tiny: No, they’re bought. I’ve always had a lot of boobs. But after three babies, they sag.

Wendy: And the nose. Is that a nose job?

Tiny: No. I thought about it but it’s my dad’s nose so I just feel like…ya know.



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On Relationship Issues


Tiny: We had a couple fights and we were arguing. We argue all the time though. But had this one big fallout about the Grammys and it just lingered on and it got bigger and we kinda just… but we’re still together. It’s no divorce. We’re normal. We go through the same thing that everybody go through.

Wendy: But you’re not wearing your wedding ring.

Tiny: No! If you see here, I jammed my finger so I can’t even fit it.

Wendy: Hmm, mmm.

Tiny: You see it?

Wendy: No, I don’t see it but I’ll go along with it!

Tiny: Look at this finger!

Wendy: Okay! I guess so!

Tiny: No! Forreal, forreal! It’s a big rock! I would like to wear it regardless…

Wendy: But you jammed your finger.


I think we all knew the booty was fake, but we respect that she can admit it. As far as her relationship im sure theres more but we can respect space, but once she releases more we will update you.