24: Introduce yourself to the readers and let them know where your from?
Christa: What’s up world! It’s the one and only Christa Elise Graziano. I was born and raised in Fort Myers, FL(239)!
24: What made you want to get into modeling?
Christa: Sitting at work and discovering craigslist(lol). I came across castings and became very interested. It was on and popping from that point forward(lol).
24: What’s your nationality?
Christa: African American and Italian. I have the best of both worlds(smiling).
24: With so many beautiful models in the industry what would you say you bring to the table that separates you from everyone else?
Christa: There is just one “Mm”. I have been told by a director/production crew that continues to books me, as well as many people I’ve come across that my personality is one of a kind. I feel like I leave a great lasting impression among those that I work with.

24: What are your measurements and what part of your body would you say is the sexiest?

Christa: They are 32-26-38. I think my legs are sexiest part of my body. They are athletic looking and I’m ever so slightly bowlegged and pigeon toed. I walk a little funny, but it’s sexy. Heads definitely turn(smiling).
24: Tell me what’s a automatic “Turn Off” for you about a guy?
Christa: Definitely, Arrogance.
24: A lot of people say that the way to man’s heart is by cooking so if you had to cook a meal for that special someone what would it be?
Christa: It would have to be Seafood all day. From Crabs, Shrimp, Lobster, Scallops, Corn/Potatoes(Yummmmy). Well, that’s what I would want to eat, so that special someone better like seafood(lol).

24: Are you in a relationship and if not what do you look for in a guy?

Christa: No, I am not currently in a relationship. I drawn to people with a personality that can hang with mine. A good sense of humor is a “Must” and he has to be respectful and ambitious. Someone that’s be able to adapt to their surroundings. I love a pretty smile and dimples! I don’t have too many physical requirements or preference, I think everyone is cute in their own way. Personality can make a not so hot guy be golden in my eyes.
24: Do you have a favorite song that just seems to get you in the right mood with that special someone?

Christa: I still love Pretty Ricky‘s “Love Like Honey“.

24: What’s the most romantic thing you have ever done for a guy?

Christa: I think I hear Jeopardy music playing. Trying to answer this question made me realize I need to step it up a notch(lol).

24: If you had to give yourself a bedroom report card would you be a “Straight A” student?
Christa: Check the transcript(smiling).

24: Tell me what’s the most Hot & Sexy outfit you have in your closet right now?

Christa: I have a red dress a friend of mine got me, it’s super tight, super short and has an open back. I wore it to work one night and I shit you not, I had 15 roses by the time I got off.

24: Okay, your off the hot seat for now tell everyone what’s next for you?

Christa: Dang already?! The future is looking bright for me. I’m sure there will be more music videos, but I’m definitely looking to book more catalog, commercial, and print work.  I am going to work my way into acting as well so stay tuned.
24: What’s the best way for everyone to find out more about you and check out more photos, etc?

Christa: Definitely, follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/christa_elise or Myspace at www.Myspace.com/christa_elise for now.  My personal website is coming very soon! Check me out in the following music videos- Ace Hood Ft Jasmine Sullivan and Rick RossChampion“, Birdman Ft Drake & Lil Wayne “Money To Blow”, Triple C’s Ft Rick Ross “Go” Birdman Ft Drake & Lil Wayne “4 My Town”, Young Money Ft Lloyd “Bedrock”, DJ Khaled Ft. Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain, Snoop Dog “All Is Do Is Win” and DJ Khaled Ft.Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Schife “Put Ya Hands Up.

Photos By: Elite XL/MQ Images

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