24:You have been definitely making a name for yourself since the last feature from the internet, music videos as well as magazines so give the readers a brief update?

Kaaydah Marie: Well, as far as Music Videos go I played the girlfriend in the TwistaWetter” video as well as featured in FabulousMy Time” and  “Throw it in a Bag“ft The Dream. I also did a Too Short Video for his single “So Gone” and I just finished knocking out a Music Video for one of the 106&Park Freestyle Champs Bo Deal for his single “Out Them Clothes“. As far as print work I shot for SHOW Magazine’s Black Lingerie Issue, as well as  FBM Magazine so I have been working(smiling).

24: Which cover spread would mean the most to you and why?

Kaaydah Marie: I think once your on the cover of KING Magazine your doing it big (lol).

24: Since getting into modeling what would you say has been the hardest part if any?

Kaaydah Marie: Staying consistent! You never know when your next gig is going to come, and living in the midwest, it’s almost impossible to go to castings unless your willing to finance your travels.

24: If you could spend 24 Hours with any Entertainer, Celebrity, Musician, Athlete etc who would it be and why?

Kaaydah Marie: Wow, that’s tough. I’m curious as to what a day in the life of Beyonce would be like so I would definitely choose her.

24: What’s the sexiest outfit in your closet right now?

Kaaydah Marie: A tight. Black mini dress. I think the simplicity of it is so sexy. Plus it shows off any woman’s curves(smiling).

24: Tell me your favorite song that just seems to get you in the right mood with that special someone?

Kaaydah Marie: Any Robin Thicke song off of his album “Sex Therapy“.

24: What would you say is the biggest misconception people seem to have about you if any?

Kaaydah Marie: That I am not a down to earth person. I’m the silliest person I know. A lot of people are surprised when they hang out with me how goofy I am(lol).

24: What’s the most outrageous thing a guy has done or said to you in order to try to get your number?

Kaaydah Marie: A guy turned around and drove the opposite way down a one way. Stopped the car and got out while there were cars coming. He was crazy, but I didn’t give him my number though(lol) because he did a little too much!

24: A lot of people say the way to man’s heart is by cooking so if you had to cook a meal for that special someone what would it be?

Kaaydah Marie: Funny you ask because I don’t cook!

24: Do you prefer Twitter or Myspace?

Kaaydah Marie: Twitter!

24: Speaking of Twitter, tell me what’s on of the craziest “DM” messages you have got on Twitter so far ?

Kaaydah Marie: I don’t want to get anyone in trouble(lol).

24: When your not modeling and your just at home what are you most likely to be wearing a small t-shirt and some boy shorts, a wife beater and some sweats?

Kaaydah Marie: A man’s shirt and nothing else.

24: What are some projects your working on and what’s next for you in 2010?

Kaaydah Marie: I just signed with a manager, something I’ve never done before so I think 2010/11 will be interesting to see what happens(Smiling).

24: Any finals words for the readers?

Kaaydah Marie: Thanks for the love and support! If you haven’t already, hit my Twitter up at www.twitter.com/KaaydahMarie or @KaaydahMarie.

Photos By: Show Magazine