24: What lead you to start modeling?

Mikela: Impulsiveness honestly. I kept hearing from a lot of people that I should start and I used to dabble in modeling when I was younger but I was never serious about it. But one day, I just thought, you know I’m 23 and I’m not always going to be young and cute, so why not take advantage of the attention and make good money off of it? I felt like I had something special to bring to this industry and of course, the money to me was the biggest draw. I had always kept up with the urban modeling industry . I knew who the hottest music video director was, I followed the careers and read the interviews top models in the game, and I’m an avid reader all of the major magazines. So, I figured with all of this information, why not try it out? The way I figured, if all else fails, I’ll have some great stories for the grandkids, but I got in here and it went to another level. So I’m happy with how things are turning out.

24: I think you have a very sexy and distinctive look about yourself so is that something you feel separates you from every other model in the industry?

Mikela: Thank you, I appreciate the compliment. Yes, I do think I have something different. I think I have a lot of strengths as a model, the biggest one being I’M ALL NATURAL! Everything from my hair to my body is all me. Lol, there’s way too many ass implants running rampant in this industry. Not knocking the ladies for who do it, but I’m proud to say that this is what God gave me, no alterations needed. My second strength is that I’m a shape shifter, I can be any ethnicity you want me to be from Caribbean to Spanish to Grecian. I also believe that I’m a good model period, one day I can pose sexy with a string bikini on the hood of a Ferrari, but then the next day I can do a DOVE ad like it’s nothing. I work hard, I’m open to ideas, this line of work fits me.

24: What are your measurements and what part of your do you think is the sexiest?

Mikela: My measurements are 36C-26-40. Lol, thanks Mama! I think my legs and my booty and my stomach are the sexiest. It always trips me out whenever people answer questions like this and say things like “it’s my dimples”, when really, most people would disagree. You know, I happen to think I have a really sexy personality(lol) but you don’t want to hear that do you?

24: Okay, now what part of your body would you say gets the most attention (lol)?

Mikela: My face and my hair first, then the rest of my body, you know, steals the limelight(lol).

24: As far as modeling goes what model inspires you?

Mikela: Tomika Skanes, she’s got the kind of  modeling career I want to have. She’s a hustler, ya know? She started out as  eye candy, did music videos then eventually she segued into more commercial areas like Verizon campaigns and other print work. She comes off as very professional and about her business. I appreciate how on her website she gives advice for new models in the game, from etiquette to how you prep your body for a shoot. I picked up on a few tips from there. I also love her portfolio, she always look sexy and classy, never trashy. Another favorite of mine is Shelly Rio. In all of her interviews she always comes off as very intelligent, fun, and interesting. After reading about her, you want to know more. And obviously, she’s gorgeous! I want to take the same road as the aforementioned women, but I want to put my own spin on it and carve my own niche in this industry.

24: Your shoot with the honey came out very sexy so take the readers behind the scenes for a minute and tell us about that shoot?

Mikela: Lol, well basically the shoot started off with me pouring honey on myself(lol). Its funny though, because at first with all that honey on you, you do not feel sexy at all (lol)! It’s mad sticky, and heavy and it takes forever to run down your body. So the first ten minutes were me just getting used to that. But honestly, after a while I got into character, and it started to become more sensual.I got into it, pouring the honey everywhere.  I just imagined I was seducing someone and I thought about what they would want to see.  The cleanup was a lot more sexier than the honey, they had to spray me down with a hose.  I got completely soaked, so we took pictures of me wet too, those photos were even hotter.

24: Was that your favorite shoot to date, if not which photo shoot would you say was?

Mikela: My favorite shoot was the one I did for a calendar I made for my husband. Only because I got to be really creative! I did everything,  I did sexy shots on the beach, then I dressed up in little costumes like  sexy schoolgirl, or dressed up a soldier, complete with gun. Lotta booty shots in there, lol.


24: What’s the sexiest outfit you own and what’s the most romantic thing you ever did for a boyfriend?

Mikela: Lol, I’m married and my husband catches it on a regular basis. I love doing little things like wear nothing but heels while I’m cleaning, or surprise him with a huge meal when he comes home. When you’re married or in a long term relationship, you have to keep things fresh and interesting. The one thing that sticks out to me though is, okay, lol. One night I redid our entire place and made it look like the red light district. The theme was a restaurant/strip club. It was called “phallic city”. (Lol, that title was soo corny) The first part of the night, I dressed up as a sexy cocktail waitress. I wore this skintight black dress complete with stilletto heels, I served him a five course meal, including steak, lasagna and obviously, dessert.(Me!) While he ate I was at his beck and call, whatever he wanted me to do I did it. Then the second part of the night came the show. Lol. I put on my best sexy/stripper outfit on, you know, garters, fishnets, complete with black mask, high heels,  and gave him the striptease of life. It lasted for hours! lol, and believe me honey he enjoyed every minute of it! When it comes to my man I go hard and he deserves everything he gets. My husband is currently doing the damn thing in Iraq right now, and  when he comes home it’s on and popping! I’m already planning for it. That’s the Southern woman in me, we take care of our men!


24: Let all the readers know what they should be looking forward from you in the future?

Mikela: Right now I’m so excited. I’m only one month into the game! I just signed with my agency, Style Entertainment and they’ve been keeping me busy with castings and other gigs. For the next few weeks, I’ll be doing shoots for a lot of urban publications. I’m not going to say who they are yet(lol), I don’t want to jinx myself. But definitely look out for me in a few months, by then the whole country will know. I want to do it all, Eye Candy, all the major urban publications, hosting, promotional work, movies, acting, fashion. I’m also currently in the process of obtaining my bachelor’s degree from university, so I’m grinding right now. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me in the future, trust.

24: For someone wanting to find out more about you and check out more photos where should they log on to?

Mikela: You can go to my myspace profile at www.myspace.com/mikela_n_stallion. I just put everything up a week ago, so it’s a little scarce in the graphics department, but the pictures are good! I’m also on model mayhem, #857823, and I’m on streetzsociety.streetsmagazine.com,(you can just go to streetzsociety.com and follow the links.) my profile is Mikela N. If you would like to book me for work please contact my manager, Mike Styles at 202-277-4283, (www.styleentertainmentco.com) You can also email me at m.nic.stephens@gmail.com. I do read my messages! I also want to say thank you in advance for coming to my page, I appreciate all of the support and the love! Thank you 24HourHipHop.com also.