24: Introduce yourself to the readers and let them know where your from?

Milan Kimble: Hello everyone my name is Milan Kimble and I’m from Sunny California(Los Angeles, CA), where outside of modeling I own and operate a Soul Food restaurant(www.berthasoulfood.com). I consider myself the framework of an unconventional business woman: structure vs no structure. The educated business woman vs the sexy model.

24: What made you want to get into modeling?

Milan Kimble: I actually just kind of fell into it(smiling). At first I was opposed to Glamour Modeling because of the negative perception of the industry. Then went to a couple photo shoots with some of my model friends and always ended up shooting because the photographers liked my look and next thing you know I was getting calls for jobs. I guess I just ended up being in the  right places at the right times meeting the right people(lol)! I went back and forth with myself a couple times about the industry but I actually have fun modeling and I enjoy the traveling that comes along with it. Modeling has introduced me to a whole different world that provides me with an outlet from the stresses of being a business woman.

24: With so many hot models in the industry and so many up and coming modeling trying to get into the industry how do you make sure you separate yourself from the rest and stand out?

Milan Kimble: I think I separate myself from the rest by just being me and giving people a sense of reality by showing people that a woman can be sexy, have beauty, be independent , educated, run a businesses and still have a character with edge.

24: What are your measurements and what part of your body would you say is the sexiest?

Milan Kimble: It’s 36- 26 -42, and I’d personally say my mind is the most attractive part about me but you’d have to get to know me to fully understand why I say that. Believe it or not it gets the fellas every time, but of course it’s a part of my body that you can’t see off top. So, if I had to pick a body part you could see I say my lips.

24: Okay, now what part of your body would you say gets the most attention from the fellas, lol?

Milan Kimble: My derriere(lol)! It’s not too small and it’s not too big but it definitely compliments my body! My buds even call me buddy bun(lol).

24: What would you say is an automatic “Turn Off” for you about a guy?

Milan Kimble: I can’t stand cockiness, ugh! Cocky doesn’t court and I like being courted. I find cocky men to be to self absorbed for romance it’s almost as if they’d rather sit in the mirror and adore themselves which is fine but leave me out of it!

24: Are you in a relationship and if not what do you look for in a guy?

Milan Kimble: No I’m not in a relationship at this particular moment in my life. I’m just to busy to deal with emotional issues and in my experiences a lot of it stems from the lack of communication. So, to answer the question what do I look for in a guy? #1 is most definitely effective communication.  I need the raw and the real, I don’t have time for the surprises. Good communication builds a bond called friendship which lays out the foundation for a lasting relationship, if the friendship leads to a relationship. What I’m saying is that a man has to stimulate my intellect and be my best-friend as well as my lover. I really enjoy open-minded men with depth in their character in addition to the physical.

24: What would you say is the most romantic thing you have ever done for a guy you were really cared about?

Milan Kimble: A scavenger hunt to dinner, followed by a spa and back to the basics. Let Usher tell it(lol), “Trading Places“.

24: What would you say is the biggest misconception people seem to have about you if any?

Milan Kimble: I’m not sure what the biggest misconception is I’m sure there are probably several. In this industry people prejudge and misconceive you all the time, from how u dress, to who you’re with, and the words that come out of your mouth. Glamour modeling is definitely not for the faint of heart. I just wish people would relax and realize it’s just another form of entertainment and if they don’t like it they don’t have to be entertained by it. However, people are going to judge no matter what you do, that’s why I just do me on a scale that pleases me and don’t care what people think.

24: Tell me your favorite song that just seems to get you in the right mood with that special someone?

Milan Kimble: Right now I am loving “Sex Therapy” by Robin Thicke. I don’t know why but that song with Robin’s voice just makes me feel real sexy!

24: Tell me what’s the most Hot & Sexy outfit you have in your closet right now?

Milan Kimble: I’d have to say it’s a tight black long sleeve mini dress with holes all through it, it’s Hot(smiling)!

24: What’s a sexual fantasy of yours that you have not fulfilled as yet?

Milan Kimble: You would think I’ve tried this by now but in all honesty I still haven’t had sex on the beach(smh).

24: Okay, your off the hot seat for now tell everyone what’s next for Milan Kimble in 2010?

Milan Kimble:  I have a couple up and coming projects I’m working on, for example, www.MilanKimble.com which is scheduled to launch soon! An for all the others stay tuned and you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of me in 2010. I’m just getting started!

24: Tell the readers the best way to find out more about you and check out more photos, etc?

Milan Kimble: www.MilanKimble.com will be up by the middle of May 2010 and there you will be able to get all the photos, videos, and any information you need. For now send all booking information to Milankimble@live.com and you can view my Myspace page, and Facebook at (www.myspace.com/MilanKimble and www.facebook.com/MilanKimble) as well as follow me on Twitter @MilanKimble(smiling).

24: Any finals words for the readers?

Milan Kimble: Stay tuned because 2010 feels like it’s going to be a very productive year for me Model & Business wise. “Define yourself and be your own you” success stems from “Your” passion in the things you do not doing what others believe you should do!

Photos By: FacetStudios/VXNStudios