24: For those that
may recognize you but don’t know who you are, introduce yourself and let
everyone know where you’re representing?


Ms. November: Hey Everyone, My name is Christalena but I go
by Ms. November. I’m a Model, Teacher, Promoter, writer, actress originally
from Denver, CO home of the Mile High (Go Broncos), but making it happen in the


24: What made you
want to pursuer a modeling career instead of any other career?


Ms. November: Modeling first got started when I found out my
aunty used to do it. She is so beautiful and she was great at it given so many
emotions and feeling in her photos. But since she couldn’t fulfill her dream
all the way I got more interested and felt someone in the family should take
the path. I started posing in front of the mirror, wearing heels, researching
and here I am more driven and motivated than ever.


24: What do you feel
that separates you from other models that are in the game right now?


Ms. November: I think a lot of things separate me for other
models. I just don’t try to take pictures I like the supporter, reader or fan
to feel the emotion I give when they look at that picture. I’m Business and
Street smart, I carry myself with confidence and pride, I’m beautiful in the
inside and out, I not only try to fulfill my dream I try to inspire others. The
list can go on and on you’ll just have to find out when you meet me.


24: What are your


Ms. November: I think 36-26-40. I’m still working to make it


24: If you had to
choose one body part as the sexiest part of your body, which would it be and


Ms. November: The sexiest part I think would be my legs,
they go on and on like an energizer body. Lol. My eyes can capture any mans soul.


24: Where have you
made appearances?


Ms. November: I have been a host for several parties back
home, Fushion Mag #6, Ozone, Strapped Mag, B.E.T rap City, Slim, Young Joc,
Shawty Lo “I’m so Fly” Promotional work for R Bull, Racing, and a
host of sites, fliers, CD’s, Interviews. I got a lot of things in the works
right now and things are speeding up so I’m excited.


24: What projects are
you currently working on?


Ms. November: I’m working on getting my website launched, children’s
books, calendars, posters, movies, magazines, hosting parties and moving over
to the corporate world.

24: Out of all the
work you’ve done so far, which was your favorite video or photo shoot?


Ms. November: My favorite shoot would have to be my first professional
shoot. It really brought me out of my shell a lot and made me realize I have
the talent and ability to go far. It was such a cool laid back environment.
Thanks LS


24: Are you currently
in a relationship, and if not, describe your perfect man?


Ms. November: Relationship yes! But my perfect man? Well, no
man is perfect we all have our flaws but the qualities I look for is smart in
many ways, down to earth, adventurous, driven, goal oriented, goofy, sexy, nice
conversation and willing to learn, teach and grow. Sounds like a lot but I’m a
Gemini so you got to be able to keep up.


24: Since this is the
ice cream parlor, what flavor of ice cream would you be and why?


Ms. November: I’ll be any one of the 31 flavors. I’m going
to be good until the last drop anyways.


24: What is the
sexiest outfit you own?


Ms. November: I would say everything I have is sexy, but I
have a black and red tight dress that shows off my legs very well with the red
and black snake skin heels that fits very nice showing every asset just right.


24: Do you feel that
sex is overrated or that people just aren’t doing it right?


Ms. November: I love sex personally. It relieves so much
stress as well as emotion. I think people aren’t doing it right. Some just pick
the first guy/girl they see without getting to know who they are. Yes, experiences
are fun but in the world now you wonder how diseases are increasing. Strap up
and actually take some time to know the person you’re giving yourself to.


24: What is your
favorite sexually position and how would you rate yourself in the bedroom on a
scale of 1-10?


Ms. November: My favorite sexual position…ooh that’s hard…legs
all the way back…that’s nice. But I’m versatile, I enjoy it all. And how would
I rate myself on a scale of 1-10? I can’t be rated, you can’t put me on the


24: Do you have any
piercings or tattoos? How many? Where?


Ms. November: I have two piercings. My left eyebrow and
belly button and one tattoo on the right arm that says Gemini. I know not it’s
not many like most but I decided to keep my skin clear free of holes and ink.


24: Is there anything
else you want to do outside of modeling?


Ms. November: I want to do a lot besides modeling. I use
modeling as a stepping stone to achieve my higher dreams. I really want to use
my degree as an Accountant more in the Entertainment field. Maybe open my own Child
Care center or School soon and maybe a club, get into movies, the sky is the
limit. I’m not going to stop. I want to keep learning and growing until I can
retire happy.


24: How can fans get
more information on you?


Ms. November: You can catch me on myspace.com/uniqueen or
myspace/coremodels, coredjs.com/MsNovember, blakmarket.com interview,
Turftones.com, Sofyneonline, or hit me personally and ask me anything. I’m so


24: Any last words or
anything you want to promote?


Ms. November: I would like to thank all those in this
entertainment field and out who have supported me and stuck by me through my
journey you know who you are, Core djs/models, my Loyal fans for keeping me
motivated and level headed, my family for the love, and all my people back home
Thank you Thank you Thank you. Please Cop my Calendar at myspace.com/uniqueen,
Fushion Mag #6, mobile wallpapers, posters, be on the look out for my website
launch in 2009 where there will be live chat room, forums, posters and more.
Keep on the look out for me period you’ll be seeing a lot more from me. So
remember if you’re having a party let Ms. November be the host, need promotions
let Ms. November get the word out, need a model for a runway, hair, movie, spread
etc, hit me Christalena known Ms November up at [email protected] or myspace.com/uniqueen.