24: How long have you been modeling?  

Nyla: I’ve been modeling since I was 17.

24: Where have you made appearances?  

Nyla: I’ve been in Rick Ross’ video, Belly Video, Show Magazine, Big Tigger’s
Calendar and still more coming.

24: What projects are you currently working on?  

Nyla: I am working on my website and a couple of DVD projects.

24: For men out there, are you single?  

Nyla: I am single at this moment, working and traveling.

24: Since you are in the ice cream parlor, what flavor of
ice cream would you describe yourself?  

Nyla: I am strawberry chocolate cookie ice cream. Haha.

24: What is a misconception about you?  

Nyla: The biggest misconception is that I’m stuck up when in reality I’m very
down to earth. I love simplicity.

24: Where do you want to take your career?  

Nyla: Honestly, I d like to appear in couple more magazines and just model for
little more then basically be remembered for my look. I want to leave a great
mark in the history of exotic models.

24: Is there anything you want to promote?  

Nyla: Yes my website is coming very soon, www.nyla-b.com

24: How can fans get in contact with you?

Nyla: Through my website and myspace.com/nylab