We came of with this new interview idea called the 24/7 series. It's 7 questions based on what you're doing 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Here's our first with Miami Mc Ghostwridah 

24: So what's GhostWridah up to these days?

GW: Preparing for the new year… Collection myself, strategizing, praying etc. Just trying to get my self ready for the biggest year I've ever had so far, in 2012! I'm more than confident in my new mind state, music, and thought process. I'm excited as you can see.

24: Can we expect an announcement as to what label you're going to or if we're there's a Roc sign your future?

GW: Well nothings concrete until the ink dries. We haven't signed anything as of yet and our focus is just on getting better and creating a wider awareness for the GhostWridah brand which will make for an even bigger deal than the ones put on the table this year. We've had sony Offers, Capital Offers, as well as an Atlantic records EP offer but we haven't found the right home as of yet. As far as the Roc nation rumors; I'll say I'd love to have Poe Boy and the Roc partner up for my project. It all just has to make sense for all parties involved. You never know what the new year might bring in.

24: You released American Alien earlier this year, which was an incredible project. What can we expect from you on the next project and when will you be dropping it?

GW: This next project I'm working on, I feel is the first of it's kind. I always like to push the envelope and do things that haven't been done. I can't speak much on this one cause it's kind of a christmas gift for my fans. But I will say it's set up to inspire those who seek GREATNESS! I try to make music that will challenge the listener to be better, to be the best at whatever it is they do. So this project will definitely be something that can be held in as high esteem or higher than an American Alien or an In Love With My Future. On another note I am dropping an LP titled No Apologies next year… Look out for that!

24: How Do you select beats for your projects?

GW: The beat selection is a very tedious process. I usually sit with my [L.Y.F.E. Music] producer Lowkey, and construct a sound. In all honesty there's a new sound in Miami that we are surely and undoubtedly responsible for and that's mainly one of the reasons we continue to stray away from one sound on every project. A lot of these artist don't believe in innovation, so they tend to emulate the guys responsible for "THE NEW." I am not in any way shape or form saying we made Miami what it is cause we all know thats not true. I will say i plan to make Miami everything it's going to be! Bet on that!

24: What's your next move?

GW: Man, I have so many idea's and plans that are already in forward motion, i'd need another interview to explain it all. But I'm in the process of designing and producing a clothing brand that's going to shake up the world! Fashion is a muse for me. I love the response you get from a well put together outfit. I decided to give it a try, and see where the good lord takes me. Other than that the music… The music I plan to put in the coming months is breathtaking. I'm telling more stories, putting real life situation faced on the regular into music with backdrop production thats almost feels like a Han Zimmer composition. Also looking to take my Company The L.Y.F.E. to new heights as well as building on our NEW society driven Us Guys brand. I'm working, people!

24: What do you feel your biggest contribution is or will be to Hip Hop?

GW: There's not much new under the sun these days. I think it's my willingness to evolve on the regular. I'm an artist who is somewhat disgusted with complacency! I feel like each of my projects are different and sound different each time because of this. So I feel I'll be the artist that in 10 years is still pushing hip hop to the outter limits. I want to be the artist from miami that took the world on a ride they've never been on!

24: Thanks for your time, and as always keep up the great work. Any shout outs or last words?

GW: Thanks for having me. Just want to shout out my entire Poe Boy family, The L.Y.F.E. Music as a whole and to everyone that's been holding me down and supporting me unconditionally, I appreciate y'all, greatly! God first, get your money and give a little.