In 2009 rapper 50 cent was beefing with Fat Joe an DJ Khaled on very high level.The battle was going back and forth when 50 cent decided to take things to an all new level.He released a video entitled “A Psychic Told Me” where there is footage of DJ Khaled’s home and his mother’s home and even footage of his mother asleep at her place of business.Khaled was very upset about the footage and felt 50 had taken the beef to far ,but was unable to do anything about it.

Fast forward 3 years later and 50 cent is still beefing but this time it’s with French Montana who ironically is good friends with DJ Khaled.50 spoke to MTV and said that the person who provided him with the footage of DJ Khaled’s family was none other then French Montana.

Could 50 be up to his old tricks or is French Montana a real snake.


Listen to one the members of G Unit speak on what else 50 may have up his sleeve’Says “The Worst Is Yet To Come”