I’m guessing the ass whooping Suge Knight received back in February wasn’t enough because he is allegedly at it again. According to TMZ.com, Christopher Walker, an employee of Akon’s in-house producer, that Marion “Suge” Knight was reportedly involved with a home invasion robbery that took place on Tuesday, March 24, 2009. According to some police sources, they believe the five men behind this invasion took over $300,000 worth of jewelry, cash, and other various personal items.  Walker claims that they burglars also stole a 130 pound safe after they allegedly forced him and another household member at gunpoint.

“Walker says Detail was asleep in one of the bedrooms,” TMZ reports. “The men entered the bedroom but did not get Detail out of bed. Instead, they stole $170,000 worth of jewelry from his room.”

robbery will be the second incident known publically that has involved people who are some how close or connected to Akon. Just this passed February, in Phoenix, Arizona at the NBA All Star Weekend, Suge found himself in a bit of a trouble with Akon’s manager Robert Carnes Jr. So is there any connection to the two situations? According to TMZ , Walker says that this robbery occurred because of the confrontation in Arizona as well as some alleged debt between the two camps. However, Knight has yet to speak publicly on either incident and has not yet been named as a suspect in this incident. But then again, an ass whooping will usually keep you quiet.

Akon, who was overseas during the incident, has finally decided to talk to MTV News regarding the situation.

“All I know, we always had peaceful conversations,” said the singer regarding Suge. “I’m trying to figure out why it’s escalating to this extent. We never had no problems. All I can do is the right thing. Everything always works itself out.”

hopefully for all parties this won’t end in bloodshed. You win some, you lose some, so some sound advice for everyone involved, just let it go and move on. Nothing else has been released so far on this situation, but I’m sure all the information will be leaked soon enough.

Damon Dash’s Wife Files For Divorce

After four years of marriage Rachel Roy, the wife of Damon Dash, has decided to call it quits, citing “non-monetary relief.” The two met while Roy was working at Rocawear and got married in Mexico in January 2005. The couple also has two daughters.

Apparently this is just one of the many lawsuits that Dash already has. He once reigned supreme over an empire that was once worth around $50 million, according to a New York magazine profile. However, this empire has been shattered and reduced to nothing but bad business, lawsuits and some major debt. 

There has been no other word from Rachel Roy as far as the divorce is concerned, but at a recent magazine show in New York, Dame had this to say regarding his wishful “comeback.”

“When I come back, I’m gonna change the economy as well.”

just hope he can make it happen, I’m all down for the cause when it comes to bettering this depressing economy!