Heartbreaking News coming from Splitsville. Many different news sources state that Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are getting a divorce, and rumors are even surfacing that there is irreconsilable differences between the couple, and that they were both “bitter”. Apparently before they were married Amber Rose signed a pre-nup, and that for the sake of his child, he agreed to pay child support. Apparently she is already seeking for full custody, but that she has no problem with giving him visitation rights to see his son.


News Outlets also claim that there is some friction about who is cheating, if its either Wiz, or Amber Rose. Sources claim there is something funny going on because Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey just filed for divorce, and Nick Cannon has also become Amber Rose’s new manager.


Sound off below, do you think Nick Cannon and Amber Rose are having a secret relationship, or do you think it is just business and Wiz Khalifa is doing all the cheating??