Freeway Ricky Ross sat down with to discuss today’s court ruling, which saw him lose the rights to his own name, to rapper Rick Ross.


Freeway Ricky was in court yesterday, (March 29) during a hearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court, where for the second time, a judge dismissed a trademark infringement lawsuit surrounding the name Rick Ross.


Since 2008, Freeway Ricky has been vocal in his accusations that Rick Ross had co-opted his name and former lifestyle, to earn millions of dollars.


Yesterdays ruling marks the end of the bitter legal battle, which began in federal court with a June, 2010, $10 million lawsuit against Rick Ross (born William Leonard Roberts), Jay-Z, Def Jam, Universal and others.


Freeway Ricky Ross refiled his lawsuit in California, in hopes of settling the matter in state court. Now rapper Rick Ross, born William Leonard Roberts, owns the trademark to the name Freeway Ricky’s real name, Rick Ross.


According to Freeway Ricky, he will adjust his business strategy moving forward, since he cannot use his own name. He admitted that his past association with the drug trade was nothing positive.


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