Petty much crazy?… August Alsina’s show in Little Rock, Arkansas last night was cut short by the singer when his hat went missing after he crowd surfed, your BAD August….
Apparently the R&B singer August Alsina has quite the funky temper. Mind you he’s beefing with Trey Songs and blew up on the 106 & Park host for asking will the beef be resolved and  now last night he let loose on some fans at his Little Rock concert.
Towards the end of his performance of “Kissin’ On My Tattoos,” Alsina leaned back and crowd surfed for a few seconds,  but oops no hat. Like I said, thats your bad August now continue your set. But nooooo….. We can get why he got upset because the missing hat,  was apparently given to him by his late brother, but you got to remain focused and professional boo.
He immediately ordered the music to stop and then confronted the audience:
“Who got the hat?! On some G shit! Don’t play with me like that, my nigga,” he said. “I came out here to fuck with y’all so if you got it, ain’t NOBODY leaving out this bitch until I get it back, Straight up! Where it’s at? Or we gon’ cause a muthafuckin’ riot in this bitch. Where it’s at?”
After a few more seconds of monkeyfooliness, Alsina decides to end the show and of course the crowd wasn’t pleased. Afterward, Alsina’s Twitter showed no signs of his anger:
August Alsina
Lol I had fun in little rock. iLove yal
Bipolar much or was he being straight up sarcastic?