Nearly a year and a half after throwing numerous shots towards Jay, Beanie chops it up with XXL and says that he’s sorry for throwing rocks at the throne.

What Mike Epps say? ‘Gangstas fuck up too. Whatever I felt this dude Jay did wrong to me, it can’t outweigh the one thing he did do for me – he gave me an opportunity. Dude gave me an opportunity. A lot of people don’t get opportunities. He gave me that. That outweighs everything. I need that in black and white. I got caught in the moment and put my feelings out there. I should have never done that.

Beanie Sigel said that he has decided to scrap a full album worth of material dissing Roc-A-Fella and Jay-Z, in favor of an album of new material with DJ Green Lantern. 

I was explaining the whole Roc-A-Fella shit and a lot of feelings were going to get hurt. I was airing shit out. Just the homies could listen to that when they come into the studio. I couldn’t put that out. It wouldn’t sit right with me.