The audio of Birdman courting new internet sensation MC Slim Jesus has just been released and it looks like Stunna is serious about bring him to Cash Money.Here’s a bit of what Birdman had to say about the Drill Time rapper…

“I think you’re special,” he said in the clip. “I’ve got the biggest artists in the world. We rotate that sh-t: Wayne, Drake, Nicki. We’re the big sh-t poppin’ and I’ve got the biggest system. I just think he got an opportunity with what’s going on. If we come with the right song, I know that sh-t can be big.”

The call was recorded by Slim Jesus affiliate King Yella and in the call you can hear Birdman speak on Lil Wayne being with Cash Money.Despite word on the street and in the industry that Wayne is absolutely not rocking with Birdman.

“Wayne ain’t going no where,” he said during the call. “I know what you’ve been hearing, but Wayne 1,000. Thats my son. He ain’t going nowhere. Ain’t nobody going nowhere.”

and if your not sure who Slim Jesus is,his video Drill Time has been viewed over 16 million times and has become somewhat of an internet sensation who is also vowing not to sign to any major label.He’s already been faced with controversy from other artist claiming he has no street cred and is just mimicking the Chicago artist and not really living that life.