The rapper was once again arrested for the second time in less than three months right before a festival show on May 2, 2019. BlocBoy JB was taken into custody at his home where police raided the property and was arrested for drugs and guns. Being a convicted felon and in possession of weapons and marijuana can carry out a lot of time in prison. BlocBoy was one out of 20 people detained from his house.

His lawyer, Mr. Wells, states he was not the main target and feels as though he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and proceeded to say ” They weren’t looking for him and there was no warrant for him personally and the police may have been looking for other suspects on the premises.” Unfortunately, BlocBoy JB was still arrested and was not able to perform at the 2019 Beale street music festival.

A few days after the arrest BlocBoy posted a story on his Instagram