Emerging from the Miami underground hip hop scene is the city’s first female rap duo in the last decade.They go by Mona Vinci and Nina Blaque who make up the group Step Sisters.There new single “Dope Bitch” is the first release from there upcoming ep “40’s and Jump Suits”.The uptempo trap bounce track produced by Texas producer Freeway T Jay who also produced for Bobby Shmurda YT Triz Gucci Mane Migos & Future to name a few.

1. Who are the stepsisters ?

Nenah Blaque : A female rap group  based out of Miami Fl , that represents the struggle we feel that we are the voice of the streets and bitches with style and creative minds.

MonaVinci: Two female’s who represent change through music and style and diversity throughout our own lifestyle.

2. What part of Miami you from? And what artists out of Miami inspires you ?

Nenah Blaque: I was born and raised in Liberty city Fl, to me an artist that inspires me out of Miami is jackie O because I can really relate to her through out her music and she was always up front with her messages within her music.

MonaVinci: I was born and raised in Carol City and Opa locka Fl. artists that inspired me coming up was Rick Ross because he showed that in this industry that it’s really deeper than rap and that you have to be business savvy. Also Trina because she’s the queen of Miami I grew up listening to her and Jackie O.

3. How do you feel about the music scene in Miami Fl?

Nenah Blaque: I feel that the music scene in Miami shows a lack of support and that everyone is for self.
MonaVinci: I feel that Miami has to much talent to not be on the map and that everyone needs to work together.


4. Tell us about the upcoming EP 40s And Jump Suits?

Nenah Blaque: We’re bringing hip hop back by bringing everything from old school 90s music into a new school feel for our debut EP , its going to be special.

MonaVinci: With this EP everything will be based off of old school movie’s and music, we definitely will be bringing back that storytelling in music.

5. What are your expectations to exceed this year in music?

Nenah Blaque: My expectations this year is to keep working hard by staying focus on our goals , grinding real hard and continuing to stay consistent with touching the people with our music.
MonaVinci: The expectations I have this year is to continue to work hard , stay hungry and to listen more music amongst my peers so I can gain more knowledge towards music so I continue to perfect my craft.


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