The Miami rap duo best known for the brash delivery and colorful fashion just released there new album “Savage Sisters”.We caught up with The Stepsisters during Revolt weekend and had a chance to get up close and personal with our favorite rap duo.

Introduce yourself to our readers

Hey what’s popping ? I’m Nenah Blaque and I’m in a rap duo with my sister “Mona Vinci” together we are “The Stepsisters.”

Tell us what has changed since your last project.

(NB) So much has change for us since 40s and jumpsuits. We gained a larger fan base, gained more listeners, supporters and we just got verified on instagram so congrats to us, our families are more tuned in and involved in what we got going on.

(MV) Since our last project “40’s and jumpsuits” we’ve done shows, expanded beyond rap into fashion and dance and we have even released a new album titled “Savage Sisters”.

How is Savage Sisters different from 40′ and jumpsuits?

(NB) I think there’s a big difference between  both albums. 40s and jumpsuits was just a kick off to our career, and listening back to that project compared to Savage Sisters, I’m just going to say,  I applaud the both of us, because you can hear the growth, how we cater to our music on savage sisters vs 40s and jumpsuits . On savage sisters We gave our female listeners something they can relate to relationships wise, we gave a bit  more sex overall our vocals sounds a bit more mature on savage sisters than our first album.

(MV) Savage Sisters is different from 40’s and Jumpsuits because our swag has elevated in terms of flows and beat picking. The album is more melodic and even sounds more mature. You can hear the growth.

What was the motivation for the self made bitch record?

(NB) The motivation behind “self made” is pretty much grinding providing for ourselves, making a living by any means, speaking our day to day lifestyle . It was just one of them late night studio sessions when the song just came out the blue, we was all vibing the feeling that it gave us.

(MV) For me , Mona Vinci my motivation basically came from actually being a self Made female! Having to do everything for myself not because I’m boastful and full of talent but because i struggle and I needed things to prosper in life and couldn’t afford them . So instead I had to learn to do everything myself from make up to hair to clothes ! Just everything .

Tell us the meaning behind your new single savages!

(NB) The meaning behind savages is self explanatory ” We Savages” and everybody that we affiliate with be on some savage ass shit! The streets gave us the name savages so we ran with it and  made it a song.

(MV) The meaning behind “Savages” is basically having a group of friends who will ride for you no matter what! If you call them for a fight w/ chicks or an argument w/ your bf. if you mom getting on your nerves or you just wanna take trips they gone ride.

The video looks like a horror movie can you talk about that.

(NB) Sure can, We based our single “savages” around the movie purge election day because we was inspired by the movie overall and it fits the Meaning of our song.

(MV) Yes, the video for “Savages” is set to mimicking the film “Purge” the election one. It was pretty much the perfect timing to shoot a video connected to that movie since it’s actually election time currently.

Whats your favorite song on the project?

(NB) I have a few songs that I equally love the same off of “Savage Sisters” and that would be the bio, savages, shine and Bonnie.

(MV) My favorite song would have to be “Shine” every time I hear the record I just smile and I wanna dance it just moves me because it’s so head on. These haters trying to take my shine away but I won’t let them !

How has the response been from your fans?

(MV) The response from our fans have been so crazy lately that I don’t even believe it’s real. I didn’t know we were that well known in our own city , in other cities, even on social media. Reading the feedback is very inspiring

(NB) The feedback from our fans has been nothing but greatest, they’ve gotten more involved meaning making video every other day, reposting “Savage Sisters” just being 100% supportive.

We see you rubbing shoulders with heavy hitters like Rick Ross  Flo Rida And Gucci Mane how does it feel to be noticed by such huge stars?

(MV) It feels quite unreal! It’s kind of hard to mentally prepare for meeting the very people you grew up listening to it’s dope as hell . Sometimes looking at the pictures I still don’t believe it.


(NB) Being able to stand with, and get noticed by majority of the greats that came from Miami is an amazing feeling because i don’t get fake vibes from them everything is really genuine, when I was being brought up I use to sit and see them on tv not even knowing I was gone be rubbing shoulders with these people in the future . It’s unbelievable but real.

How was it working with Koly P and how did the record come about?

(MV) Working with Koly P was pretty fun. We never really did a sex song before that was like the “I Like It” record but Koly in so humble everything just flowed perfectly.

(NB) Working with the big homie koly p is real, he’s a very humbled spirit person always showing love when he see us, he’s very helpful. “I like it” came about when he was at strong arm radio doing an interview, and he came up on us and was like let’s get in the studio, he went and treated us to one of our favorite bottles ” Hennessy” we all was on adderall ready to work all night going thru beats in we stumble across “freeway Tj ” beat who produced the track, and we all was pretty much saying we like it so we named the track I like it.

It looks like Trina has also been a big supporter of the stepsisters’ how has she been helpful?

(NB) Trina has been very helpful towards our brand in many ways, since the moment she met us it’s just been authentic, she was very opened to us. She’s been been promoting us via  social media just raising the awareness about “The Stepsisters “.

(MV) Trina has been very very supportive . Ever since she first reached out to us she has been inviting us out to events, shows , she even had us in her “For Free” video. She always posts us and shows mad love. She’s amazing !

how did it feel to hear your song on the radio?

(MV) Hearing our song “Savages” on the radio was surreal. I remember getting calls and tweets and IG notifications from ppl saying they heard it also! It just felt like damn hard work paying off but there’s more to do.

(NB) To hear ourselves on the radio is super exciting because not everyone gets an opportunity like this, we see people who started with us still trying to get where at. So it’s a blessing to hear ourself on radio, not just any radio station we got to be special guest on 103.5 da beat. Our families were super excited too, just to see the people we love so happy for us made it even better.

whats the next single from the project?

(MV) After “Savages” the next single is gonna be “Shine” it’s a very dope record very positive very kid friendly . Hope everyone loves it.

Is there anyone else out there who you would like to work with?

(MV) Yes of course, we just met Kehlani at Revolt that would be Ana amazing link up, last week at A3C we got in the studio with Asian Doll I believe A Boogie would be a dope feature as well.

(NB) I most definitely would love to work with “Young Ma” we got plays in motion with “Trina” the list just continues.

We see you just launched your new website’ what else should we expect from The Stepsisters?

(MV) Yes our website is officially up and running. Coming up will be dope shirts, hats, and other surprises that we’ll have available for purchase through the website.

(NB) We gone be laughing our t-shirt and hat line soon, we’re working on another project so be on the look out.

Tell us where are fans can reach you to keep up with the journey.

(MV) All of our supporters and Step Family can reach us on IG @ The.StepSisters tweet us @ The_StepSisters Facebook at Da StepSisters and every major media outlet to stay tuned with our music. Check out for the latest releases

(NB) Also Snapchat: the.stepsisters