Chad Johnson’s NFL career is all but over. His wife, Evelyn Lozada, has filed  for divorce. His sponsors have dropped him. His reality TV series is canceled.  The troubles keep coming, and now comes a report that Johnson could face up to a  year in prison for assaulting his wife earlier this month.


Johnson was originally charged with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge  for the August 11 incident in which he allegedly head butted his wife after she  found a receipt for a box of condoms in his car.


While Johnson has often bragged about never getting arrested while in the  NFL, an older charge for slapping an ex-girlfriend came to light. Back in 2000  he was charged with slapping a woman. He plead no contest, and reported to  Oregon State weeks later to play football. He was punished with community  service time.


Now Gossip Extra reports  that because of the prior arrest, Johnson’s latest  charge could be bumped up to a felony. That’s up to the discretion of the  Broward County State Attorney, and there’s no word on whether they plan to up  the charges.


Though, if the charges are upped Johnson could face mandatory prison time of  up to 12 months.