If you follow the careers of these two artist then i’m sure you are all too familiar with there crazy relationship which has played out in the media all across the world.Chris Brown one of the top R&B artist in the game & Rihanna arguably the biggest female pop star on the planet.They both can’t seem to get enough of each other,but still have time to see other people or at least linked to seeing other people.Rihanna has been linked to R&B rapper Drake and Chris Brown of course to his on and off again ex girlfriend karrueche.

We all remember the bottle fight that broke out in the NYC night club that almost blinded Basketball player Tony Parker & left several others injured.The club filed  lawsuits on both and is still an open case,although both Chris Brown and Drake deny any wrong doing.

The battle between the two men has gone back and forth with Chris Brown dissing Drake on Young Jeezy’s R.I.P remix,too most recently Drake doing a radio interview where he basically stated he took Chris Brown girl.

So Rihanna has been dropping lot’s of subliminal messages on her instagram lately as well as her other social networks.All hinting that she’s not tied down to anyone and is free to do as she pleases.To make this message clear Rihanna decided to follow Drake on Instagram knowing it would upset her R&B lover.

What did Chris do in response ? He unfollowed her!!

When it come to these two it’s fair to say all is fair in love & war…

I’m sure this won’t be the last we here from these two but love hear what the fans think!



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