Former “Scandal” star Columbus Short was in police custody Wednesday night, after being arrested by bounty hunters during his album release party at Universal Studios City Walk in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Short, was about to hit the stage to perform his new music at Universal’s Infusion Lounge when men in bullet-proof vests with “Agent” written across their chest apprehended him, later handing him over to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for booking.

His arrest was not due to an outstanding warrant as everyone initially reported, it appears that this was a citizens arrest as a result of an issue between Mr. Short and his bail bondsman.

Now I have so many questions that need answers, but I am just going to ask the most important one— since when did he have an album? We haven’t even heard the single!

It just seems as if Columbus is unraveling after his abrupt departure from “Scandal”, I really hope he will get it together soon. He has since been released from police custody and made this post on Instagram…



– @IndieDigital