MMG leader Rick Ross has been at the center of controversy as of  late with the street gang Gangsta Disciples.The gang is upset that Rick Ross used the star symbol on his last mix tape Black Barmittzpha.The gang is also upset over Rick Ross mentioning the name Larry Hoover in his song BMF.The gang also released YouTube videos threatening Rick Ross and his MMG Artist as well as banning them from performing in certain parts of the country.

The tour was scheduled to appear Friday in Greensboro and Saturday at the Bojangles Coliseum in North Carolina.

Here is what the Charlotte Observer reported..

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police released a statement Wednesday before the cancellation, saying officers would remain vigilant to ensure safety. Deon Cole is a friend of Ross and is the Assistant Programming Director for Power 98. He didn’t believe that fans have anything to worry about. In the rap video the Disciples are upset because Ross mentions the name of the founder of the street gang and uses the Star of David to promote himself. That symbol is used by the gang. (Charlotte Observer)

Here is the video that started it all..