Yesterday a man by the name of Walter Hampton post a video saying Tyler Perry is gay.  He states that Tyler told him, “if the church found out he was gay he would lose their support”  which equals loosing money.  Walter claims that Tyler went from being a loud part of the community to turning his back on the gay community.  Allegedly when he met Tyler he was a flamboyant gay man. Walter is livid that Tyler has not given anything back to the gay community.

Hampton says “Tyler Perry will pay a heavy price for the lies and deciet that he did by his sexuality. You can’t hide it forever. You can’t paint this picture that your a straight man when your a 6 foot 4 queen.”

Ironically Mr.Walter Hampton was brutally attacked having his face and arms slashed soon after.  What do you think?  Did Tyler have anything to do with this.


Check this video out below:

Tyler does enjoy like dressing like a woman by looking at the pictures below.