Diddy is in the process of suing the landlords where his New York City Sean John flagship store is located in.

TMZ.com reports, the lawsuit stems from a scaffolding that was placed in front of the store and left there.
Lawyers are claiming that the scaffolding, which “substantially obstructed the view of the clothing and furnishings displayed in the ground floor windows,” cost the company a lot of potential sales.

Diddy’s lawyers also claim that the scaffolding caused Sean John’s sales at the retail store to drop by 50 percent, as a result they are suing for $2.5 million. Sean John lawyers revealed that the scaffolding was put up way back in 2006 and was just left there.

Shawty Redd Reportedly Arrested On Murder Suspicion

Atlanta-based producer and songwriter Shawty Redd has been reported to have been arrested and is awaiting arraignment in an Atlanta jail.

First seen online at Gyant Unplugged, Redd had company at his Georgia home on January 1, 2010. The guests were associates of the producer, but verbal and physical threats ensued. The threatening party was subsequently shot and killed. At approximately 5:30 pm EST, police reached the scene making their arrests.

Shawty Redd is known for being Young Jeezy’s producer throughout the his career, as well as the writer and producer for Snoop Dogg’s “Sexual Eruption” (also titled “Sensual Seduction”).