Drake Confirms R&B Mixtape

Last week we put up a rumor that Drake’s next album was going to be fully R&B. well it looks like the rumors were at least half true as Drake has come out and confirmed that his next release will be all R&B. it just won’t be an album, but rather a mixtape.

“Me and 40 working on it,” Drake said in Toronto at his OVO Festival. “I got you. I think I got a great body of work with that tape. I’m gonna do it like I do all my other tapes. I’m gonna make a night out of it. Just make sure you’re on the Net that night downloading, and it’s yours. I feel the people deserve it. It’s hard for me to put out free rap albums these days. So the best I can do is switch genres and put something out for free. It’ll be yours very soon.” (MTV)

Bun B Gets 5 Mics

Bun B put out his third solo album, Trill O.G. this week and it has been getting rave reviews from critics and fans alike. We gave it a high rating on this very site and the album has also just been awarded the prestigious 5 Mic album rating by The Source Magazine. This is the first album in over 5 years to receive the classic rating, so this is a definite good look for the Texas legend.