The argument started when the ‘Headlines’ rapper wrote on his account: “Sometimes I wanna tweet things like “Bitch how you stop fuckin with me and now you live on twitter everyday”…but then I just don’t.”


Drizzy failed to specify what prompted him to diss Maliah, but she wasted no time in firing back.


“Lmao Yess I love twitter and I don’t f**k with disrespectful crybaby ass niggas that’s y,” she wrote on her account without aiming it directly at Drizzy.


When her followers told her to stop beefing with Drake, she replied: “idk y its just show business.”


She then seemed to get annoyed with all the questions about her relationship with Drake, writing: “Lmao y y’all think that is the only man in my life it was 2 years ago. Please no more talk about him. Find me someone else. Who will appreciate me.”