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Dwayne Wade a star player on the Miami Heat Basketball Team had more to celebrate other than the championship. He got a trophy and got his girlfriend of four years said yes to his marriage proposal right after the game in front of some of the players and some celebrities and close in the VIP section at Story Nightclub in South Miami Beach.

Dwyane Wade , Gabrielle Union

Wade was interviewed by Oprah and was asked
“why does he love Ms. Union?” he answer was simply that the actress “makes my eyes sparkle”. He continued on saying that she was good with his kids that he now has full custody for. His sons Zaire, 11, Zion, 6, if any of his sons were in need of homework she would stay there in at the table with him until they understood it. Wade said that Union wasn’t only there for him but she is there for his sons also and he knows her love is deep.

Dwyane-Wade-Gabrielle-Union-Championship-ring-500x492 vibe-vixen-Gabrielle-Union-Dwyane-Wade-Kiss

Union herself says the equivalent things about Wade she is there at the games, shouting, throwing hints anything she can do. And he was also on set for her when she needs it.

It seems too soon to tell but if it has been four years already I think after this wedding it will just keep getting better and adding more Wade’s to their family. Congrats & GO HEATS!!!