Eminem has been putting his new single “Berzerk” on blast to get the word out of his upcoming album Marshal Mathers LP II.  His new song has been identified as a hit song, but it is Eminem and he has gained a big fan base over his years of rapping with some of the biggest rappers of all time.  Eminem released a teaser to his song “Berzerk” on August 26th during the VMA’s in a commercial for Dr.Dre’s new beats product.

The upbeat hectic song appeals to a crowd that likes to get rowdy and what better crowd to appeal to than ESPN.  Today (Saturday 7th) Eminem appeared at halftime during the Michigan Vs. Notre Dame game to premier a teaser to his new music video. Eminem was acting weird as hell when they began the interview, however after his trailer clip he snap backed to reality saying, “Sorry live television freaks me out a bit”.  Eminem has always been a crazy guy and when he was acting weird before it was pretty obvious it was for laughs.  The video was made by Rick Ruben and Eminem explains how long shooting these videos take.

The Marshal Mathers LP II is set to be released on November 5th and plans to play Bezerk on ESPN specifically during football games. It will be interesting to see what his album contains after hearing the style of this song.