“Police just apprehended a stalker in front of my house. Stay tuned to details.”

This is the update Erykah Badu gave to her fans on Twitter regarding her March 21st stalker incident. According to TMZ.com and Twitter Badu claimed that the stalker, a white woman in her 20s had been outside of her house on numerous occasions stating that this woman had in her possession “several misc. items spread out in the grass. Blue shutters, a rabbit, a tucan and a sketch book.” So what the hell what this chick thinking about doing?

This stalker was the reason for the delay of Badu’s performance at the SXSW performance in Austin, Texas on that same day. Luckily, Badu stated that the stalker had been apprehended shortly after being “hogg tied and pepper sprayed.”  

Wow, when fans go way too far. I’m just glad everything worked out and that Erykah and the kids are safe. Perhaps a new batch of security just may be in order.

Below are exclusive screenshots from her Twitter Account.

Uncle Sam Collects His Money from Method Man

According to several websites and reports, Tax collectors made a visit to New York rapper Method Man’s Staten Island home around 6:00 am on March 18th 2009 and seized his 2008 Lincoln Navigator because he owes roughly $52,000 in unpaid personal income taxes according to the New York State Tax collectors.

So I’m guessing all those notices from the IRS went unnoticed? Regardless of his financial troubles, Meth is still giving back to his community by him and longtime collaborator Redman sponsoring a day of free haircuts for kids down at a local Staten Island barbershop. This is definitely a good look. This is said to happen on April 11th at the Against Da’ Grain barbershop for all kids 12 and under from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Also a good look for Meth, both he and Redman released a song last week called “A Yo,” and are said to be working on a new collaboration album.  If true, this will be their collaboration album in ten years.

I definitely hope all goes well with Method Man, he is really doing big things right now. I wish him much continued success, but Meth; give Uncle Sam his damn money!