With the constant back and forth between two New York femcees and the continued public disparages, there’s seems no end to the beef that the two are quite heated about. Lil Kim released songs about the Harajuku Barbie, while Nicki Minaj continues to take sneak disses at Queen B, all the while another femcee hailing from Philly isn’t too pleased with the whole feud that has gotten way out of hand. As a matter of fact, she states that Kim needs to stop adding fuel the fire and focus more on her career.

Eve recently spoke with BBC Radio 1Xtra about the feud between the two, she really went in and added her two cents.

These were her comments:

I need her to stop. If I was Kim’s friend, I’d be like, yo, because she’s Kim, period. So she never has to feed. She shouldn’t, it’s bad. It’s not a good look. If I was her friend, I’d tell her, yo, just come back bigger and better. The best way to get at people is to do you better than you’ve ever done you. So that’s it.”

Interesting enough, Eve stays within her humble realm and compliments Nicki Minaj for holding it down for the female emcees.

There were her added comments:

“I love it. You know, it’s definitely a nice group of females that’s out representing, but because I come from hip-hop, I need more females in Hip-Hop. Nicki definitely is holding the flag down, and a lot of people be wanting me to hate just because that’s how girls supposed to do in Hip-Hop, but I’m loving everything she does. But we need more females, man. There’s too much testosterone in the Hip-Hop game.”

And now hopefully, somewhere down the line, whether on Eve’s album or Minaj’s album, we get an impressive song from the duo.

At press time, Eve’s new album ‘Lip Lock’ and as of now a release date has yet to be locked in.

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