Last week news reports were swirling after Evelyn Lozada and her newlywed husband Chad ‘ Ochocinco’ Johnson, had got into an altercation after Evelyn found a recipt for condoms in Johnson’s car trunk. The two were on their way home from a night out at dinner.


Chad head butted Evelyn and it resulted in a nasty 3′ cut to her forehead. For the first time, a photo has been released of the nasty cut to her forehead. Johnson first claimed they both bent down and hit heads, then he changed his story and said Lozada head butted him in a rage. Johnson was arrested and posted bail a few hours later.


It was reported that from the 911 call the cut was pretty long and was a little bloody. Doesnt look so bad here. But you be the judge.


Check out the photo below: