Former WWE Champion John Cena Discusses 50 and Ross Feud

New York, NY – The most celebrated wrestler of our generation, John Cena, has quite possibly been the most talked about character in the history of the WWE. This man has been champion numinous amounts of time, following many of his character gimmicks from past to present and most recently making blockbuster hits for his vast fan base. At one point in time, John Cena followed a characteristic Hip-Hop criteria where he was actually fans of the G-Unit movement back in 2003. He was the first wrestler to coin and successfully alter the championship belt into a spinning emblem like that of the first G-Unit chain. Following the release of his next film ‘12 Rounds,’ John Cena has been in the limelight as of late and will continue his promotion of the upcoming film.

MTV News caught up with John Cena while he was in Manhattan and briefly interviewed him about his recent movie and his thoughts on the whole 50 and Ross controversy that has been spurring in the media for quite some time now. As an avid fan of Hip-Hop, he discusses who he would like to collaborate with musically.

These were his comments:

“Still trying to keep in touch with the hip-hop, I did a song with Snoop. I’m about to do something with Rick Ross. Doing some stuff with [Tha] Trademarc — he helped me do my solo project, so I’m returning the favor there. Freddie Foxxx [a.k.a.] Bumpy Knuckles, who did our track “Bad Bad Man,” which is featured on Seth Rogen’s new trailer [for] ‘Observe and Report.’ [Seth] kinda hooked it up. A good look for us there. I’m doing some stuff with him. And I’m kinda on call. I did some stuff for Back40 Records, which is an independent label owned by Carl Edwards, NASCAR driver, I’m getting in where I fit in.”

He continues comment on the Ross and 50 feud and adds that he would like to work with 50:

“There was awhile where it was cool to beef with everybody. I think that stuff has died down. So I don’t know the legitimacy of this beef. And 50, if you’re out there listening, I love 50 Cent, he’s one of my favorite artists, I love G-Unit, Lloyd Banks is also one of my favorite artists. If you want to meet up (50) and you want to do some cool stuff, don’t think I’m being biased to Rick Ross, but 50 call my cell, hit my people up.”

When MTV asked him who his list of people he would love to collaborate with, he gave a simple and straight to the point answer:

“Jay-Z, Jadakiss, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Eminem, there you go, there’s the five.”

At press time, Cena’s new movie has a well-put together production team as well as a veteran director Renny Harlin, known for his brilliant work in ‘Die Hard 2.’ ’12 Rounds’ is produced by WWE Films and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The movie has been set to release today.

Dame Dash Experiencing Financial Issues

New York, NY – The once proud co-founder of the Roc-A-Fella Empire had millions under his belt as Damon Dash was partners with the biggest Hip-Hop artist at time. It is noted that Dash and Jay-Z are both credited for building Roc-A-Fella to the multi-million dollar it was while it was just in its prime. Between the label, the fashion line, the Film Company, and State Property, it seemed as though the Roc would have been quite prosperous in its business ventures. After their decade long reign came to an end, Jay-Z sold off most of the shares of the company, splitting the partnership between Dame Dash and Kareem Burke. Years later, Dash finances began to slowly decline as the checks stopped coming in. It was clear that without Jay, there was no Dash.

Recent media outlets have reported that Dash has been going through some major financial issues to the point where he can’t cover many of his luxuries anymore. His wife has even filed for divorce sometime last week adding more to his already financial troubles.

His former attorney Combat Jack spoke out about his downfall due to his declining business ventures. These were his comments to Daily Mathematics:

“The media is clowning dude for supposedly being broke, for going through a divorce with his wife. I’ve seen him humiliate and disgrace so many people, throw so many souls under the proverbial bus that even then, I knew that the shit he’s publicly suffering through now was coming, inevitable, only a matter of time. Damon Dash might just could come back and land on top again. He’s brilliant like that, and being an asshole is his strongest suit. But before that time comes, there’s a whole lotta hell for him to pay and in this lifetime.”

Dash has even responded to the media about his legal issues and his Hip-Hop affairs, these were his comments to Billboard Magazine:

“My mistake was watching everyone else’s careers and not watching mine. After being able to settle my wife’s company, I was able to start doing other things. My first approach was the music business and getting with Jim Jones. At first I wanted to help him because I’ve known him since he was young and me listening to the album and thinking it was really good. I thought it deserved to be heard outside of the urban market. So I spent the last six months doing research, trying to figure out how to use all my resources to blow this out.”

According to the New York Daily News, fashion designer Rachel Roy has just recently filed for divorce from Dame after four years adding additional issues to the ones that have already compiled.

Keep posted to for more updated news on Dash and his financial drama.