Frank Ocean carries on the beef with Chris Brown on another level.  Frank Ocean has already thrown a couple disses towards Chris Brown through his “Versace” freestyle and Earl Sweatshirt’s single “Sunday”.  Now he has ditched the subliminal cover of music and posted a picture of a shirt with Chris Brown’s face on it that read “Wanted! For Domestic Violence”.



The beef all started with a fight earlier this year outside of an LA studio.  Chris Brown came out a couple months ago and admitted that his career has been very stressful on his life and he doesn’t like being famous for the incident that happened in 2009 when Chris allegedly beat up Rihanna.  Frank Ocean ams low with this one bringing up his unforgiving mistake he made when he was 18.  Rihanna has forgiven him since then and they have dated on and off but Chris is definitely sensitive to the situation that made him famous.