By Carla St. Louis

In a recent interview, Tony Starks admits RZA is contemplating releasing a new Wu-Tang album on the group’s 20th anniversary of their classic disc, Enter the Wu (36 Chambers).

Somewhere Ol’ Dirty Bastard is smiling from ear-to-ear.

Ghost admits he’s already recorded songs produced by RZA.

“While I was doing my Supreme Clientele shit, the second one, The Wally Era, I was doing joints for the next Wu album,” he revealed.

So far, their gunning for a November 2013 release date; however, other members haven’t submitted verses.

So, what’s the catch? According to RZA for that to occur he must man the entire project.

“I’ve been talking to some of the guys, I was like, ‘Yo, look I would suggest you put down everything you know and trust me one more time,” he said last month in an interview about his directorial debut film, The Man With The Iron Fists.

Ghost is supportive of his vision explaining, “He knows what it takes to go ahead and get there. He done studied the game now.”

Ghostface continued, if anyone can creatively manage the nine member collective it’s Bobby Digital.

“I believe in him because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be standing here, regardless of what,” he said. “He still got this same hungry for this Wu shit.”

Only time will tell if the 36 chambers will drop another Wu banger.

Source: The New York Times (via MTV RapFix)