Another child support drama alert.

Halle Berry was order to pay Baby daddy Gabriel Abury $16,000 a month. No people you read correctly, i repeat $16,000 big ones for the 6 year old daughter Nahla.

Since the split up back in 2010 Berry, 47 and Aubry, 38 have had 50/50 joint custody. In 2012 Gabriel was able to block Halle’s request to move baby girl Nahla with her at the time fiance Olivier Martinez to France. Ne se passe pas (French For Not Happening). I mean the father does have rights, right?

In documents that were filed by the courts the decision made based on Halle Berry’s and Gabriel Abury’s income. Which of course we all know Berry made more, so courts were in favor of the the father.
Not only that Halle was already paying 100% of her daughter’s private school fees, 50% of all medical expenses that may incur.
Berry and Martinez who got married back in july of 2013 welcomed their son Maceo. Hopefully she stick with this one and not get caught in this situation again.