Years after the deaths of The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur and Jam Master Jay, family, friends and fans have yet to find closure. Thus far, police forces in Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas have been unsuccessful. Yet, one man contends that he knows the answers so many are dying to know.

"I’m not gonna say I’m 100% positive. My percentage rate is very high probability of solving those cases," Parker boasted. "The Biggie murder, the Tupac and Jam Master Jay cases, they can all be solved. The Jam Master Jay case I’ve already solved."

Interestingly, the veteran cop isn’t running to the aforementioned cities’ precincts to share his theories.
"I will [help] if they ask me to," Parker offered. "But before I do any of that, I have to make sure that they’re gonna bring the right people on board and they’re gonna listen to what I tell them. If they’re not gonna listen to me, then I don’t wanna get involved."

Considering emcees’ long-standing disdain of law enforcement, it is no surprise that Parker is likely detested by many. In fact, he’s had his share of conflicts over the years. "I’ve had a few run-ins with a few artists. Some of them have tried to bully their way into certain clubs. But I think after we sat down and we saw eye to eye. We sort of ironed out our differences," Parker explained. "I had problems with a few people, Jim Jones is one. I had problems with Loon back in the days. Loon and I are actually good friends now, so is Jim. Jim and I are pretty cool."

Rappers don’t only view Parker as Public Enemy #1. He can also be their savior. When Loon was charged with attempted murder back in 2004, the hip-hop cop ironically helped clear his name. "Loon was in L.A. when he had an incident in L.A. and there was a stabbing at a night club. I was at the house of blues in L.A. and the first guy who grabbed Loon was me," Parker recounted. "Loon was running from the altercation. His attorneys asked me, ‘Loon didn’t do this. Loon wasn’t the person that stabbed this guy.’ And everybody said it was Loon. Loon just happened to be with guys that were out there that were getting into a melee and of course people are gonna see him because he’s a rap artist and they’re gonna say he’s the guy responsible for it. I grabbed Loon and Loon knew me and he felt kinda relieved. I had to talk to his attorneys. I sort of helped him out."