Photo Courtesy of The Guardian

As Hurricane Sandy’s strong winds and torrential rain struck the northeastern coast, thousands of people were forced to flee and take cover.  The storm is also to blame for many concerts being postponed or canceled.

Rita Ora, who is currently on her MTV Presents: The ORA Tour, was scheduled to perform in New York City tonight, October 30 at the Highline Ballroom.

“NOOOOOOOO!!!! Tonights show in NYC has had to be postponed #sandy may have won today, but us #ritabots will conquer the future,” the artist tweeted earlier today on her postponed NYC performance.

Ora said she wanted to put on a good show, but did not want to risk any of her fans getting hurt at the concert.

John Legend canceled his Brooklyn performance Sunday in preparation for the storm.  Other performers forced to cancel shows include Ghostface Killah, The xx,  comedian Louis C.K. and Jimmy Kimmel in his first Brooklyn broadcast.

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