Jennifer Hudson is putting her foot in her baby daddy’s A**, all over wrestler David “Punk” Otunga’s nasty feud with rapper Wale.

Hudson is upset and extremely embarrassed that her [still] fiance David has ignited a childish Twitter feud with the said rapper.

The show-down began when David tweeted about Wale including Rihanna in one of his hit songs. He tweeted, “Rihanna ended up overshadowing him on his own song”. Wale angrily tweeted back to David that Jennifer is overshadowing HIS career. POW!

That when shit hit the fan. Wale hit the nail on the head and infuriated David by saying he’s barely on the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) roster and wrestles on a cable channel.

David was quick to throw another sucker punch. He readily reminded everyone he was really the ‘gifted’ one – that he’s a Harvard law graduate.

Jennifer simply told David to call off his attack. Saying in no uncertain terms that it was beneath him, and she reminded him he was the one who started throwing the insults – not so gifted now, huh?

As always, J-Hud keepin it classy!