According to, Juelz Santana’s neighbor, whose name has not been released, initially intervened when Santana was beating his girlfriend and phoned the police in Englewood, New Jersey. He claims that Santana has since “threatened me with death” and was going to “kill me,” causing “problems in my marriage [and] my personal life. … I had to move out of fear. I pay more rent now. I’ve been having problems with my wife.”

The Dipset member, who appeared in court yesterday and said nothing to the judge, dodged a prison sentence by entering a plea deal that “substantially” reduced possible penalties. The plea deal stemmed from three charges, two of which involve assaults. “One is an allegation against his girlfriend, the mother of his children,” said Assistant Bergen County Prosecutor Jessica Gomperts. “The second was an innocent bystander who intervened when James assaulted her.”

Santana only pleaded guilty to a single third-degree count of threatening the neighbor, who Gomberts says was “terrorized.” The rapper was sentanced to 2 years probation, and was allowed to keep his driver’s license because he needs it for work. “Probation would be a positive factor for the defendant,” said Superior Court Judge James Guida, “and incarceration an excessive hardship.”