The alleged photos that show Justin Bieber smoking weed have upset his mostly teenage fanbase. According to a Jan. 7 report, some “beliebers” have decided to take matters in their own hands to try to stop the teenage pop star’s drug use.


On Twitter yesterday, a disturbing trend started that went by #CuttingForBieber and #CutForBieber, and it was an attempt by some fans to get the singer to stop smoking weed by cutting themselves.


A lot of teenage fans began posting tweets such as:

 “It hurts, but I do it for my Justin,”

“@justinbieber stop smoking weed or I might actually kill myself,”


But wait, it gets worse. These occurrences of teenagers self-mutilating themselves started because a few pranksters posed as Bieber fans. These pranksters arranged a hoax to try to persuade real fans of the “Boyfriend” singer to cut themselves. And…It worked.


The hoax was orchestrated by Members of the 4chan message board and they posted a message which read


“Let’s start a cut yourself for bieber campaign. Tweet a bunch of pics of people cutting themselves and claim we did it because bieber was smoking weed. See if we can get some little girls to cut themselves.”


Fake pictures showing bloodied, slashed wrists and things of that nature were posted. Following the posting of the fake pictures, some fans actually fell for the sick hoax.


This elaborate hoax has caused outrage among many. Miley Cyrus expressed her thoughts on Twitter by saying,

“cut4bieber? Cutting is NOT something to joke about. There are people who are actually suffering from self-harm, this is so disrespectful.”


Biebs has yet to address the issue.


Check out the photo below:


Justin Bieber smoking weed

Justin Bieber smoking weed