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Khia is trying to resurrect her ‘semi famous’ rap career by coming for Sasha Fierce…Yesssssss, people Beyonce!  Khia was almost famous for her ONE hit single “My Neck and My Back” waaaaayyyyy back in 2002, off her self proclaimed album Thug Misses which total in sales at the all time low of 800,000 copies worldwide to this DATE. The Tampa, Fl. native went on a rant via Twitter taking shots at the INTERNATIONAL pop singer this past Monday stating “her talent isn’t authentic”,”she does the same dance moves ” and “she charge to much for her concert tickets”….I guess Khia’s mad because no one wants to pay $2.00 to see her Tootsie Roll crawl across the local gas station floor, but any who that’s another story. This obsession with Beyonce dated back to 2011, when the rapper accused Beyonce of stealing her pool scene for the “Party” video which feature rapper, J.Cole and saying the song will never be as big as “My Neck and My Back”….Really Khia?? Get your liiiife (In my Tamar Braxton voice).
The BeyHive fans of course wasn’t haven’t it and went on a serious rant putting Miss Khia in her place.  I’ll give her a inch of props though, she didn’t back down from Beyonce’s millions of followers/fans compared to her three that supported her jealous rage. Khia continue to defiantly call out Beyonce saying “she don’t care about her fans, she only care about their money” and claiming she’s speaking the truth whether people want to hear it or not. Khia’s so busy worrying about Bey and her fans, but she can’t even care about the single fan she has…..the one that she bought on sale from Target to keep her cool this summer.
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Beyonce isn’t the only artist or celebrity Khia took shots at, Amber Rose, Janet Jackson, Lil Kim, Rick Ross, Chris Brown and Kanye West are others she mention in hate post via Twitter.  No one knows her motives or the reasons behind the diss, but I’m sorry, I can’t deal with it. Khia misuses Bey and others to get publicity, and after she gets the amount of publicity she craves, she will give us this sob story of how she was “misunderstood” or “misinterpreted”.  How many times have we seen washed up artist pull the same exact publicity stunt???  It’s all a plot to get you to check out her new music or get her name out there again….Mission Failed, so find some other business.
Everyone including Khia is waiting on a response from King Bey and her camp, but you all know royalty never addresses peasants…#BowDownKhia.
Source: Twitter