Miami Fl – The electro/Hip Hop dance group Kulture Shock has been quite busy the last few weeks with performances in Miami’s hottest night clubs most recently Club Arkadia in the Fountain Blue Hotel.The group released a video last month for there single entitled “Party Animals” which is now on iTunes.We caught up with Kulture Shock on the set of there new video “Prom Night” the video has all the makings of a Hollywood short film.The plot includes the dramatic and emotional heartbreak of a young woman who never makes it to prom and is confused as to why she was stood up by her boyfriend.The daughter is played by Pop singer Kid Cadet who gave a breathtaking performance portraying the heartbroken teen.


Citi Boi rages before hitting the set


Jase making love to the camera


The group get hype for there master performance

Kid Cadet gets into character for her dramatic scene


The calm before the storm


Stephie Lecor peeping the scenery


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