Lil Wayne got into a physical confrontation with another rapper in Johannesburg, South Africa.

According to more than a dozen eye witnesses, rapper Lil Wayne got into a fight, inside a Johannesburg club called HUSH. The fight occurred, according to one eye witness, when Weezy and some of his YMCMB goons attempted to confront a South African rapper, who copies Lil Wayne's style. The rapper goes by the name Young Nucho.

The witness says, "Mack Maine and security asked Nucho to leave the club, but he refused. Nucho had [goons] with him too, so nothing happened." But later that evening, it popped off. Supposedly Nucho is impersonating and leading fans to believe he's Wayne.

Multiple clubgoers confirm that Nucho and his crew attempted to approach Weezy. It's not clear if they wanted to show him hate. But either way, Weezy wasn't having.

A big fight broke out allegedly, where Weezy put hands on Young Nucho. Any real die hard fan can tell the difference tho.


This is South African rapper Young Nucho: