LAS VEGAS — The recently freed rapper hit the stage for the time since his release as he joined Drake during the finale of his “Light Dreams and Nightmares” tour.

Drake teased the appearance throughout his set, telling fans about his first phone call with Lil Wayne since the Cash Money superstar left prison and later asking fans to fill in the words for Wayne’s verse in “Right Above It.”

But then Lil Wayne stormed the stage midway through “Miss Me” causing the capacity crowd to erupt in cheers.

“I was gone ’til November, but I didn’t trip cause I know he was gonna get ’em,” Wayne rapped, tweaking his lyrcs and pointing to Drake.

Wayne wore black jeans, white sneakers, a black skully hat and was shirtless as he stopped after his performance to address the audience.

“I’m back,” he said. “It feels good to be back. If you love me like I love you, please make some motherf—ing noise.”

The Young Money/Cash Money camp was also on stage, as the Birdman, Mack Maine, Tyga, and company stood to the left of the stage when Wayne arrived.

Drake told the audience he was completely unaware of Weezy’s plans to perform during his set.

“Weezy’s home,” Drake said, excitedly. “We back!”

“I’m fresh home from my vacation and ain’t nothing, nothing, nothing like home,” Wayne said.

The buffer-than-usual star left after the one song.

Drake continued on with his set, while Wayne, Birdman, and the rest of the crew celebrated in the elevator on the way back stage. He later left the venue before the show ended. The crowd cheered throughout the rest of Drake’s set and chanted “Weezy” over and over again as the lights dimmed and the Toronto lyricist ended his set.

Earlier in his set, Drake told the audience about his first conversation with Wayne since his was released from Rikers Island earlier this week.

“Yesterday, I was at the hotel. I got this call from a number I never seen in my life. I picked it up. All I hear was, ‘Yo’, ” Drake said, imitating Wayne’s voice. “I said, I got a new number, who the f–k is this? And I heard was, it’s Weezy.”

“And I said, man,” Drake continued. “It is great to hear your voice on a regular line.” (Via MTV News)