New Orleans, LA – Back in his city, his hometown, the lead headliner for the ‘I Am Music II’ was welcomed home with opened arms by his fans, his people as he finally came to New Orleans. During his performance, he brought out special guests Drake and New Orleans Hornets’ own Chris Paul to add fuel to the already fired up show.

And as always, backstage was MTV News to sit down and talk to the Young Money mogul. They inquired about all the cameras around the area and wondered if Wayne was shooting a movie. Low and behold, following behind the greats before him, i.e. Russell Simmons’ 1995 VHS ‘The Show,’ Jay-Z’s 2000 DVD ‘Backstage,’ and Dr. Dre’s 2000 DVD ‘The Up in Smoke Tour,’ Lil Wayne is planning on putting together his own DVD of this recent tour.

These were his comments:

“I just felt like a movie like that hasn’t come out in so long. At that time when they put those movies out, we as the fans were interested in what they were doing on the road. … Nobody hasn’t came around since then that was that interesting other than Young Money.”

“It’s going to be real major; it’s going to be real big,” he said. “I will eat real nice.”

According to MTV News, the ‘I Am Music II’ tour, kicked off on March 16 and has already made key stops in New York and Miami, plans on concluding on May 1 at the Bamboozle festival in East Rutherford, New Jersey. A source close to the Young Money camp also confirmed that DJ Scoob Doo has been shooting behind-the-scenes footage, and several cameras have been set up to film at different tour dates. And of course, the Scoobman is back.

At press time, there is no official release date for the ‘I Am Music II’ tour DVD.